• Covid 19 Awareness Campaign


    Date: 10/10/2020

  • Properties of Water ( Primary)

    Date: 18/09/2020
    An activity on Properties of Water was conducted for the students  of std 2  online. Each child was given a different topic and they were asked to make a chart and talk about their topic.
    They were very happy to showcase their  creativity in this activity, using articles at home of everyday use.

  • Teachers Day Celebrations

    Date: 05/09/2020


    Date: 11/08/2020

    A festive celebration by the children of playgroup on 11th August on the occasion of Janmashtami.The children were narrated the story of the birth of lord Krishna and were dressed up for the same

  • STANDARD 5 - stone age tools and artefacts

    Date: 07/08/2020

  • Online Music Competition for Grandparents and Parents

    Date: 17/05/2020

    Judges: Rohan Pradhan music director and singer Rohan Shivalkar Film director producer writer animator:  Anshuman Vichare actor and singer

    Winners:  1st - Radha Shinde      2nd - Narayan Rampalli    consolation prize -  Dhananjay Keer and Chandrakant Ghagra  

  • Daddy Cool MasterChef Competition

    Date: 16/05/2020

    Prize Winners-

    1st - Mr. Sumit Shah; 2nd - Mr. Pramod Parmar; 3rd - Mr. Amit Jain; Consolation - Mr. Deep Chedda


    Feedback from the participants:

    1) Mr. Sumit Shah - Great efforts are taken to organize such an event. I really enjoyed it and learned new skills. Thank you.

    2) Mr. Pramod Parmar - Thank you for organizing such a unique event. Benefits of lockdown.

    3) Amit Jain - Thank you so much for organizing such an event and it became a special one for me as it was my wife's birthday. You made her day as this year I was not prepared with any gift. It was special for her.

    4) Deep Chedda - Thank you Principal ma'am & all the teachers for organizing such a lovely, healthy, and friendly competition. We really enjoyed a lot. Please do try our recipe at home.

  • Online Art-Craft Competition for Parents

    Date: 10/05/2020

     Winners of the competition:

    1st place - Sneha Koli - Mother of Yug Koli (Std-2);  2nd place - Mandar Tari - Father of Gargi Tari (Std-1);   3rd place - Seema Jain - Mother of Vivaan Jain (Std-3) 

  • Master Chef Competition (For Fathers)

    The master chef competition for the  fathers of the children of our school was held on Sunday 26th July, 2020.The competition was conducted on Zoom. It was great to see the excitement of the fathers prior to the competition. When the competition began each father with great enthusiasm started making their dishes. The judges were amused to see one of the fathers kneading the dough with so much of ease. The competition was a great opportunity for them to exhibit their culinary skills.


  • Std 1 Activity on Types of Houses ( Primary )

    An activity on Types of Houses was conducted for the students of Std. 1 on the 2nd of September 2020.

    Each child was given a different topic and they were asked to make a booklet and talk about Where ? ,Why? ,How? And What ? are these houses made of.

    They not only learnt the importance of a house but why are they made the way they are.

    We got an overwhelming response from the children who made an effort to present it so simply and beautifully. Well done children!

  • Std 1 Activity: 3D Model on Place Value ( Primary )

    An activity on Place Value was conducted for the students of Std. 1 on the 27th of July 2020.

    The students not only explained but also made a model on the place value of hundreds, tens and ones.

    This being their first activity they learnt to talk and express themselves in front of the camera. It’s was a great attempt!

  • Std 1 Activity on Germination ( Primary )

     An activity on Germination was conducted for the students  of standard 1  online on the 5th of October 2020.

    The stages were given to be cut and kept ready prior to the activity.

    They were taught the process of Germination in the pictorial form. The colouring of the cutouts and arranging them in the correct order was done by the students in the class.

    The end product of this fun loving activity was a beautiful wall- hanging .They not only enjoyed the making of the wall hanging but they  also learnt the Process of Germination by ‘Doing by Learning Method’.

  • Phases of the Moon ( Primary )

    Students of Std 3 had beautifully executed an activity on Phases of the Moon on the 24th of September. They were very happy to showcase their  creativity in this activity, using articles at home of everyday use.

  • Singular plural ( Primary )

    An activity on the topic of Singular plural was done on 15th September, 2020 by Std III. In this activity the students had to write examples of plural nouns by applying the rules they had learnt on a pin wheel. It was a fun activity with a merger of craft and grammar, where students learnt to make pin wheels and form plural nouns.

  • Primary Section- Poster making on A Good Citizen

    A poster making activity was held on the 25th  of August, 2020 for the students of Std IV. The children were given topics based on their Social Studies lesson 'A Good Citizen'. This activity helped them gain an in depth knowledge about the topic and also enhanced their creative learning skills.

  • Activity on Perimeter

    An activity on Perimeter for the students of standard IV was conducted on 18th of September,2020 in which the students were given a field/court of a particular sport. The students were asked to create a model of that sport, talk about the sport as well as its court/field and highlight and calculate its perimeter. Through this activity the students could apply their knowledge of perimeter outside the book and also enhance their knowledge about various sports.

  • FUN FIESTA 2019

    December 2019. This Sunday was the most anticipated day for the teachers and students alike. The grand event was hosted by the school under the able and perfectly coordinated efforts of our wonderful and dynamic principal Ms. Caroline Vaz. The occasion was graced by none other than our benevolent trustees Ms. Minal Shah and Mr.Rohit Shah who were accompanied by their grandchildren. They spent some delightful hours enjoying the unique attractions at the event.

    The event had some fabulous activities like Virtual Dinosaur Park which was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and adults alike. It was enjoyable for our visitors to interact and spend time with dinosaurs. Touching them and playing with them was a surreal experience for most people who had never witnessed anything like this before.

    There were also competitions organized for the children, parents as well as the grandparents of our school. Some of them included the Talent contest and Drawing contest for the students, Masterchef and Arm wrestling for Fathers, Group dance for parents, Fashion Show for Grandparents and the highlight of the show was Mrs. Greenlawns which allowed the creative and artistic mothers of our school to showcase their talent. The generosity and wisdom of our wonderful principal Ms. Caroline need to be appreciated as she chose a large number of the most useful articles to be given out to the winners of these competitions.

    A magic show had also been arranged for the visitors and this was enjoyed by everyone to the fullest. The tiny tots also entertained themselves by jumping in the trampoline which had been organized for them at the venue.

    It was a most wonderful event which brought out the child in every person who attended it. 


    ECOHISTORIA DAY was held on the 12th of July 2019, in our school. It marked a day of history, for it was the first time the school hosted an exhibition with a difference, under the guidance and supervision of our principal Ms. Caroline Vaz who is by nature a dynamic adventurous, and practical person. ECOHISTORIA is coined from two words, ‘ECO’ meaning ‘Roots of our Environment’ and ‘HISTORIA’ a Greek word borrowed into classical Latin meaning ‘recorded knowledge of past events.’ Thus we need to realize that Environment and History are the two sides of the same coin. The day before the exhibition we had the whole school as one body preparing for this historical event. We all anxiously waited for the 12th of July to dawn. The event was inaugurated by our very own ex-teacher and Chief Guest Ms. Ranjini and our Principal Ms. Caroline Vaz. The lamps were lit as a sign of light and invoked God’s blessing to be shown upon us. We were indeed proud to have Ms. Ranjini with us, as she is a National Award winner in Education. She is the fifth recipient of that award. In her address to the children, she advised them to take care of our earth for we have not inherited our earth but only borrowed it from our children and grandchildren.Ms. Arlene, the head the history department, trained, instructed, and directed, the children who put up displays on various topics ranging from Religion - BuddhismJainism and Christianity to Civilization - such as the Egyptian and the Indus Valley civilization. A variety of ancient artifacts made by the kids were put on display. While many children were dressed as Egyptians, our primary kids were also dressed in various Indian traditional clothing. The Environmental part of the exhibition had various dimensions, with models made to display how we can harness sources of renewable energy like a windmill, solar power plant; also a model on rainwater harvesting which the need of the hour; Vanmahostva – festival for growing trees, and project Extinct Animals – for protection of our favorite yet endangered wildlife, were well explained by the children. Many Charts to emphasize the importance of saving our Environment were displayed. All good things must come to a close and so did our ECOHISTORIA DAY comes to a close with a silver lining and sweet memories of success with many lessons to take home. 

  • Dubai – A Dreamland

    A Dreamland The Greenlawns School, Worli trip to Dubai was the most memorable and wonderful trip which will be cherished by all those who were a part of it. The trip was meticulously planned by our beloved principal Ms.Caroline Vaz and well-executed by our travel partner Memories Unlimited Tours and Travel Agency. The trip, which lasted four fantastic days, included visits to some of the most well-known Dubai attractions like The Burj Al Arab, The Atlantis Hotel, and the unforgettable Underwater Aquarium and Zoo at the Dubai Mall. Each one of these world-famous sights was the perfect spot for a photo opportunity. All the members of the group posed excitedly and enthusiastically at each one of these venues. The underwater aquarium and zoo were thoroughly enjoyed by all the children and adults alike. We also had the unique opportunity to visit The Dubai museum which is housed in the oldest existing building in Dubai. This wonderland has a host of galleries that display the traditions and culture of the land. It also has several dioramas showing life in the emirate before the advent of oil. The Ferrari World at Abu Dhabi had a range of activities with roller coaster rides and fun-filled physical challenges for the visitors. The gift shop at the Ferrari world has authentic Ferrari memorabilia for sale. These were bought by many of the teachers for family and friends. The Burj Khalifa known as the tallest building in the world was the highlight of the trip. We were also lucky enough to be taken to the viewing gallery on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa and the awesome experience of seeing the city below was a once in a lifetime experience. However, the most mesmerizing memory of the trip for me was the entertaining, adventurous, and full of life visit to the Desert Safari with several attractions like a high-speed car ride on the dunes, photo with a falcon, photo in traditional Dubai attire complete with a camel ride and late-night dinner. Dubai also has the reputation of being the most desirable shopping destination and a visit to the Lulu mall got all the ladies on our tour most excited about shopping for chocolates, dry fruits, and other goodies. All in all, the trip was a most unique experience with lovely memories that will last a lifetime.


    On 22 nd of February 2020 the entire staff of Greenlawn's School, Worli was taken

    for a fun-filled picnic to a lavish Karjat resort near Raigarh. There, we truly had

    the time of our lives; we were occupied with many joyous activities such as

    swimming, playing in the pool, letting our hair down while dancing, playing

    ‘Antakkshari’ and the Housie rounds.

    For the first time, the entire Greenlawn's Worli Staff had gone including our

    support staff; this was a truly an epoch breaking event. They were profusely thanking

    our benevolent Principal Ms. Caroline, expressing their gratitude as in their

    decades of service to this esteemed institution, they had never been taken on a

    fun-filled picnic.

  • WALKATHON 2019!!!

    On 4 th July 2019, Ms Caroline Vaz our new principal guided our students and staffto an epoch breaking event;The students and staff under the able guidance of Ms Caroline Vaz decided toaddress a social issue which every Indian can relate to.Water is the new gold. As the sources of clean drinking water dries up, women in rural areas walk for miles to fetch water for their families. To spread awareness about this fact and address this urgent issue and also to get a small slice of thedaily experience of these helpless women, we at Greenlawns School, Worli organized a Walkathon on ;Save Water’ with students learning to contribute effectively to their society as they are the future citizens of our country and they must be taught to participate in the events concerning their society rather thanbeing silent spectators… This golden opportunity to do something worthwhile to address this concern could not be lost by me, Ms Arlene their History and Civics teacher and to our dear children, this was a one of a kind experience.As we all were so charged and excited, the atmosphere became contagious, as every student was engaged in explaining the significance of water conservation through their posters or models or banners and even through interaction with strangers: the passers by glanced at us with curiosity giving way to admiration,they were overwhelmed by the children as we gathered with placards, posters,colourful art work and banners, we were all fired up as Ms Caroline took the lead. On the eventful day of 4th July, 2019 we marched from one end of the Worli Seaface promenade to another with a lot of excitement and pride.

  • Science – The power of Knowledge. (Primary Science Activity)

    “Reason, observation, and experience; the holy trinity of science.” (Robert Green Ingersoll)

    Everybody goes to school to extend their knowledge, but studying science helps kids understand the world. To emphasize, science can simply make you more intelligent. In addition to that, learning science can also inform children of all ages about what is going on in the world. Science offers the answers to various questions we ask out of curiosity, in our early years. For instance, how does it rain? How does our body function, and many more questions like this? With the knowledge of science, you learn to think logically and solve a problem. It is this problem-solving skill, which is learned in the early years that have enabled a person to solve problems. Communications, medicine, transportation, and almost everything you see around you are mainly present because individuals have used their knowledge of science to create real-life applications. Similarly, in school, we try to inculcate various activities for the children to understand the subject. Science allows students to explore their world and discover new things. It is an active subject, containing activities such as hands-on labs and experiments. We encourage them to make charts, models, and collect data and represent their research data. This enables our students in understanding the basics of how certain devices work. It helps them develop ideas of their own and invent new technology. Parents and teachers, we should nurture this curiosity and allow them to ask questions and develop the skills they need to answer those questions. Primary science helps pupils to investigate problems. ... discover why science matters in the world. The know-how of the use of telescopes, microscopes, and other devices in the laboratory can help us examine objects and determine differences between them. Science helps you to learn how to make use of natural resources. It also teaches you how the lack of these resources affects living things, and how you can conserve these resources. Science also teaches us to recycle and reuse products and promote a greener environment. This knowledge is very essential to help save our planet for the future. Almost everything that a person does, one requires a basic knowledge of science and logical reasoning that is based on this subject. Science helps separate Fact from Fiction and creates an ability to make Informed Decisions When children learn science in school, they understand why not to take information for granted and just agree with it because somebody says so. We teach them to separate fact from fiction and examine multiple sources for the information they need. This is a skill that will serve them well throughout their lives and teach them how to think constructively for themselves. Then, as citizens, they can contribute more to society positively and thoughtfully. -Ms. Sonal Jalan

  • 26th January - Republic Day & Investiture Ceremony 2019

    This day has a very important role in our life. For the first time, we get the opportunity to experience what it is to be a leader. As our principal quoted "a leader goes the way knows the and shows the way " I truly believe this too because it's we who now will learn the managerial skills which will help us immensely in life. It's now that the seeds of leadership have been planted deep in our personality. For the first time, all the council members were made to walk the red carpet. This was the best thing a principal could ever do for the students. For the first time, the enthusiasm was too much. The adrenaline in us couldn't control and this was by far the best day in my school life. Seeing my parents shed tears of joy filled my heart to the brim and it was never that the parents were allowed to see their children take over the responsibility they were striving for the entire year. I cannot express how grateful I am to Miss Caroline for just brightening this school with her beautiful shine and making it more like a family. This is my last year in school and I rest assured it's going to be the best one by far. After the investiture ceremony, each house had their respective leader, vice leader as well as the core of the school was elected, that is the white house. This day holds great significance because the school is given in the hand of these 20 council members who manage all its affairs and make sure to keep up its head high in glory. By far this is the best investiture GREEN LAWNS WORLI has ever had.


    The month of October brought in a fresh zeal as we geared up to take the students of Std 10 to Kerala. Kochi being our first halt as we enjoyed a scrumptious meal of everyone’s favorite dominos pizzas. We visited spectacular tea gardens and lush green forests of Munnar which is a town nestled in the Western Ghats mountain ranges. A hill station and former resort for the British Raj, it is surrounded by rolling hills dotted with tea plantations established in the late 19thcentury. Eravikulam National Park too was spectacular. A visit to the Tea Museum at the Nallathanni Estate brought in many opportunities to shop for flavored varieties of tea including ‘ROSE TEA’ and different kinds of spices and handicrafts. The trip to the Backwaters and reservoirs at MattupettyDam along with the boat ride was equally enchanting. The beautiful Paradesi Synagogue is a splendid piece of architecture, The markets of Kochi were enchanting as we got lost in the different array of fragrant, strong spices, homemade Jams, dry fruits, and wooden pieces of cutlery.

  • Hyderabad Trip

    5th to 8th Oct 2019

    His holiness, the Dalai Lama once said: “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” Those are truly powerful words and it is with that sentiment that our Principal Ms. Caroline and teachers, in collaboration with Adventure Tours, organize Educational Trips once a year for our students. Every year, Our Principal, teachers, and students visit one place of historical importance in India and the students get a glimpse into the life, culture, and rich history of famous cities in India. This year, a trip to ‘City of Pearls’, Hyderabad, was organized. Our journey commenced when we assembled at school on the evening of Saturday, 5th October 2019. We journeyed to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT), Kurla, and boarded the train for Hyderabad. Our night was spent aboard the train. The children were too enthusiastic to sleep, so they entertained us with their banter, games, songs, and dances. On a moving train, their dances were quite amusing. We reached Hyderabad at 11.30 am the following day and boarded buses to the hotel. We visited the Nehru Zoological Park and we were thrilled to see the Asiatic lion, Bengal tiger, Indian rhino, Indian elephants, deer, wolves, and a variety of birds. We were given a tour of the zoo to watch cars. It was a rare opportunity to view these animals and birds from a very close range. It was magical to see a Bengal Tiger and the Mighty Lion pace his domain, demonstrating an air of superiority. The zoo is extensive, but it never tired the students as they gazed at these animals with wonder and awe. 

    preserve these cultures and the beauty each place holds. They learn the important values of looking after their own well-being and ensuring that they become responsible human beings.


    10th December 2019

    The students of Greenlawn's school, Worli held an Art exhibition as the norm was every year, but this year was exceptional as the students were immensely talented and skilled in this field. The senior students of Std IX and X completed this uphill task under the proficient guidance of their Art teacher, Mrs. Alpa Shah, who has a flair for paintings and Oil; Acrylic on Canvas, as she is an accomplished artist herself. The exhibition was inaugurated by our Principal, Ms. Caroline Vaz. The exhibits were very colorful, this added beauty and charm to the room as they suddenly lit up the bland room with their stunning art pieces. The students were inflamed and fired to display their hard work after 2 years of toil. Their creativity was much appreciated by Ms. Caroline and our revered trustees Ms. Minal Shah and Sir Tushar Gandhi. They were highly impressed by this unique display of their dexterity. The trustees honored us with their presence and the children felt motivated and encouraged to see them. This for everyone was truly a memorable day.

  • 26th November as Constitution Day

    The Government of India declared 26 November as Constitution Day on 19 November 2015 by a gazette notification. The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi made the declaration on 11 October 2015 while laying the foundation stone of the B. R. Ambedkar's Statue of Equality memorial in Mumbai. The year 2015 was the 125th birth anniversary of Ambedkar, who had chaired the drafting committee of the Constituent Assembly and played a pivotal role in the drafting of the constitution. Previously this day was celebrated as Law Day.26 November was chosen to spread the importance of the constitution and to spread thoughts and ideas of Ambedkar. In our school, we had celebrated this event with great pomp with Jigar Mehta who was enacted as Babasaheb. The children had drawn pictures and made chats that were been displayed in the entire school. Articles were been by Ms. Arlene and the students. Our Pledge was been read in the assembly and the entire school was made aware of the importance of our Constitution. This would not have been possible without the valuable guidance of our ever enthusiastic principal Ms. Caroline Vaz.

  • Picnic - At Funshala

    The children of the Pre-primary section, Standard 1 and 2 enjoyed themselves at Funshala at Byculla on 17th October 2019. It was a day full of fun and frolic at the soft play area, and at the trampoline section along with yummy lunch and snacks along the way. The children were excited and enthralled at the end of it and went back home with sweet memories. 

  • Karmaveer Diwas

    13th October 2019

    As a token of appreciation on 13th October 2019 to felicitate our auxiliary staff, the Principal Ms Caroline, as well as the entire team of teachers and the office staff, put up an incredible programme to show them our appreciation and gratitude for the service they have given us over the years. The entire ground floor as well as the hall was decorated with flowers and charts. The program commenced with a speech given by our vivacious principal Ms.Caroline Vaz. The words spoken by her touched every Auxiliary staff immensely. We then played a series of games comprising of house, musical chairs, four corners and Hoggers Paradise {Wherein a huge plate filled with goodies like Idli, Biscuits, Poha, Chocolates, Sandwich and Wafers had to be eaten in two minutes. They all really enjoyed themselves. Winners were felicitated with a token of appreciation. No event is completed without a meal. So we had a widespread of delicacies for all of them. It was a day for the Karmaveers of Greenlawn's School, Worli and we all saw that it would be stamped in their memories forever. Teachers in charge: Ms Mariette Dias Ms Arlene Bhoi Ms Sonal Jalan Ms Donna Coelho

  • Reading Day – Birth Anniversary of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

    Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was a visionary and his dream was to transform India into a developed nation. He encouraged every citizen to embrace the myriad opportunities that came our way which would enable us to reach our goals. Dr. Kalam always stressed on the need for education. He once famously said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. He believed that education could help the country win over poverty. He always stressed the importance of reading. According to Dr. Kalam, reading helped us to imagine, broaden our thinking, thereby helping us to visualize and invent. On 15th October 2019, to commemorate the auspicious birth anniversary of the great visionary that was Dr. Kalam, the students spent some time reading novels, biographies, newspapers, or any book of their choice. The students enjoyed their time reading as it brought a change from their routine timetable. Some of them were even motivated to

  • Teachers' Day 2019-20

    Greenlawn School, Worli celebrated Teacher’s Day with zeal and zest on September 5, 2019. our school gave a grand reception to  the respected teachers on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, the  birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s. There was an unusual  excitement in the school atmosphere which was quite contagious.  The students of classes X took over the duties of the teachers for  the day. They put tikka and showered flowers on the teachers as  soon as they entered the school and also sang songs for them. A  special morning assembly was held in which the students paid homage  to their teachers through poems, dance performances, and speeches.  The teachers felt that this program was a treat to watch. The  Principal, Ms. Caroline, addressing the entire school, lauded the  entire staff for their exemplary contribution to the school’s  phenomenal success. There was a special celebration for teachers  which included games with many prizes followed by a grand lunch  given by the management. The Principal, Ms. Caroline appreciated the  sincerest efforts of the teachers in playing a catalytic role in the  holistic development of every student. Teachers in Charge - Ms. Arlene Ms. Sonal.

  • THE PERFECT 32 (Dental Checkup)

    Our Principal, Ms. Caroline Vaz never tires of displaying her benevolent ways, on one such occasion she organized a free Dental Check-Up on the 8 of August 2019, by Dr. Ashmi for the entire lot of 400 students and staff. This included the support staff too. Each of these students and staff was given a thorough dental check and tips to maintain Oral hygiene. They were given a small gift of a toothbrush each. The doctors advised the students how they could avoid eating sugary foods that could cause a cavity, for those that have the sweet tooth, it could lead to obesity too and many other complications. This way children learn to be cautious and mindful of what they eat, how they must avoid the bad breath, and the importance of brushing in the right manner, at least twice a day.

  • Guru Poornima

    13th October 2019

    Guru Poornima is an Indian festival that is celebrated as per the Hindu Moon Sign calendar to express reverence towards your Guru, your teacher, or mentors. It falls on the day of the full moon or Poornima of Ashadh month. The word Guru has been derived from two parts -Gu that means darkness and Ru that is the antidote to the darkness. Naturally, the word Guru implies someone who takes us away from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. This assembly was commenced in the presence of our dear Principal, Ms. Caroline Vaz, and all the teachers of Greenlawn's School, Worli in the School Hall on Tuesday, 16th July 2019 Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwarah | Guruh sakshat parabrahma tasmai Shri guru Namah || Meaning - Realize that the Guru is Brahma Himself. He is Vishnu and he is also Shiva (Maheshwar). Guru is Parabrahma (Supreme God or the Absolute Truth). With this knowledge, I (salute) offer my obeisance to the Guru. Assembly began with the chanting of the above shloka by all the students present at the assembly for all the Gurus in school. Our Principal, Ms. Caroline made students understand the Respect, Value, and love for the teachers through her motivational words. Followed by the speech in English by Ms.Reema Wagh and a speech in Hindi by Ms. Rohini Kamble. Assembly concluded with the beautiful poem written by Ms. Vandana Mishra and thanks for giving to all the Gurus in School by our Head boy and Head girl. It is the 1 st time ever Guru Poornima was celebrated on such a large scale at Greenlawn's School, Worli where all the teachers from all the sections were present to bless all the children under the guidance and support of our dear principal, Ms. Caroline Vaz. Teachers In-charge:Ms. Reema Wagh Ms. Rohini Kamble

  • A Visit to the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N

    Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N., an immersive exhibit and retail venue opened in  Mumbai on 19th September 2019 at Universal Square, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel. The exhibit was opened to all age groups. The exhibit featured authentic props from the movies, special effects, and equipment such as Captain America’s uniform and shield, Bruce Banner’s laboratory, Hawkeye and Black Widow’s suits and gear, Iron Man’s suits, The Hulkbuster armor, Thor’s hammer, and so on. Our School planned a trip to the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N on 17th October 2019. The students from standard 3 to standard 9 were taken for this trip. The children enjoyed themselves as they got a chance to see the suits and special equipment of their favourite superheroes. The guide guided them through with information about the different suits, materials used to make them and so on. The children got a chance to get their hands on Thor’s hammer as well as on some VR and AR Avengers-themed games. The children enjoyed themselves and went home with sweet memories.

  • Children’s Day

    With the guidance and mentoring of our Principal this year we celebrated Children’s Day with a difference. On Friday, 15th November 2019 we organized different visits for different classes, where children from Std 9 and 10 visited the Old Aged Home at Andheri where the children put up dances and played some old-time Hindi and English songs. They spoke to the inmates of the place and before leaving the inmates sang a song and said a few words of thanks The day didn’t end there our primary section along with Std 6 entertained and shared a meal with the St Anthony’s orphanage kids who were accompanied by their teachers. Each child was given a take away before leaving. The hospitality received from our kids was appreciated with those warm smiles that they gave on their way out. Our visit to Our Lady’s Home was another learning experience for our children where the Rector told them that these children who are there are not so lucky as they are and then took us around to see their study hall, dormitory, and their dining hall. It was amazing that our little kids of std 1 understood the difference. Our children from pre-primary, primary, and secondary gave generously different necessities like talcum powder, toothbrush, toothpaste, soaps, cream, shampoo, biscuits, towels, bedsheets, etc. Our kids learned that ‘Service before Self’ is important and three cheers to them for this wonderful celebration. HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY TO GSW KIDS 2019 -2020 -Ms. Mariette, Ms. Vandana, Sir Rajendra, Ms. Sonal, Ms. Isha & Ms. Donna

  • 15th August - Independence Day & Raksha Bandhan Celebrations

    This academic year of 2019; on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan we at Greenlawn's School, Worli decided to do things differently under the guidance of our Principal, Ms. Caroline Vaz. Our children made cards and ‘Rakhis’ for our soldiers posted at the border, guarding our sacred land. This was done to inculcate the values of respect, love, empathy, happiness, a sense of gratitude, and patriotism to our children. This was also important as we made them realize that soldiers of the army have a very tough life. They do not celebrate festivals with loved ones the way we do. The children displayed immense skill and unique ideas while making these cards. Teacher in Charge: Mrs. Alpa Shah

  • Grandparents’ Day (2019-20)

    “Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories, and Love. They fill our hearts with love, touch our souls, and leave an irreplaceable impression on our lives.” As a tribute to the uncountable sacrifices made by our grandparents, our school organized the Grandparents’ Day celebration for the grandparents of the students of Standard One on Thursday, 18 to July 2019. The celebration commenced by welcoming the grandparents who arrived dressed in their Sunday best. The students of Standard One performed a song and dance for their grandparents. This truly brought joy to the faces of many grandparents while some of them were teary-eyed too. The teachers also conducted several games for their grandparents. Some of the games included Housie, Musical Chairs, and ‘Bombing the Saas, Sasur, Bahu or Damaad’. A few grandparents also joked about who their favorite bahu or damage was. The grandparents were energetic and left no stone unturned in trying to win every game. All the winners were awarded wonderful prizes. The students of Standard One also served a few refreshments to their grandparents. The greatest result of the Grandparents’ Day celebration was the fact that the grandparents were allowed to spend some quality time with their grandchildren in school. The day’s events filled the grandparents with abundant happiness and joy and it depicted the strong bond that all the grandparents shared with their grandchildren. It was a truly wonderful sight to see all the grandparents fuss over their grandchildren and shower them with endless love when the celebration was over. Our grandparents truly are the backbone of our household and it is only vital that we acknowledge their importance every day. -Ms. Meeta Purav Ms. Reema Wagh Ms. Gretel D’mello

  • Support Staff Birthday Celebration

    Our thoughtful Principal, Miss Caroline has ushered in a new trend which was a pleasant surprise to many. The Principal decided to celebrate the birthdays of the peons too. This gesture was truly appreciated and acknowledged by all of them. Never before in their years of service have they felt so special and loved. They were moved beyond words and this helped everyone to bond well. Thank You Miss Caroline.  

  • National Education Day

    11th November 2019