Process Eligibility Application Form


The School, ‘Greenlawns Toddlers’ will be affiliated to Greenlawns School. It will start in June 2015 and all those children who secure admission in the play school will later be absorbed into either Greenlawns High School, Warden Road or Greenlawns School, Worli, depending upon where the child lives and which of the two schools is closer to him/her.

The learning in the play school is based on the theory of multiple intelligences.

Howard Gander’s theory of multiple intelligences is based on the premise that each individual’s intelligence is composed of multiple “intelligences” , each of which has its own independent operating system within the brain. These intelligences include: verbal-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal and naturalist.

All the learning takes place in multiple intelligent areas of zones devoted to these concepts. For instance there will be an area for artistic development, another one for the physical development and yet another one for language development.

All information is imparted using the eight intelligences. Not all students know, understand, and learn in the same way! Research shows that the more we can match students to congenial approaches of teaching, learning and assessing the more likely it is that these students will achieve educational success.

The teachers are well-qualified and trained with years of experience. These teachers will be attending refresher courses periodically to keep up with the trends so that the children get best.