The course of the school studies is designed as preparation for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (I. C. S. E.) conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.

As Indian Candidates must pass in Hindi for the external examination, Hindi is taught from Standard I. Marathi, the regional language of the State from Standard I to Standard VIII inclusive.  Art and Craft, the base foundation of Basic Techniques in Education, are given due emphasis. Physical Training and Outdoor Games are Compulsory for all. It is compulsory that every student from Standard IV upwards should participate actively in (any) two of the extra curricular activities provided by the school and fulfil the minimum requirements of the Work-Experience, Social Service and Physical Education programmes.




The I. C. S. E. Examination which is taken at the end of Standard X ensures a general education without any diversification of studies as all candidates are required to enter and sit at one and the same examination for all the subjects listed below :


Subjects for the I. C. S. E. Examination.


A.      Part – 1 : Compulsory – Internal Assessment

Candidates for the examination will be required to have

1.       Had a course in a Third Language from at least Class V to VIII with internal examination;

2.       Done a course in Art;

3.       Participated in Work Experience and Social Service (Internal Assessment);

4.       Physical Education

5.       Education in Moral and Spiritual Values.

B.      Part II: External Examination (at the end of Class X)
     (Four Subjects Compulsory)


1.       English Language and Literature

2.       A Second Language

3.       History, Civics and Geography

And any 2 of the following :

1.       Science

2.       Mathematics

3.       Environmental Science

4.       Commercial Studies

And any 1 of the following

1.       Physical Education

2.       Art

3.       Indian Dance

C.      Condition for the Award of a Certificate

Certificates will be awarded to candidates who reach a prescribed minimum aggregate of marks in all the Six subjects offered and at least attain the Pass standard in Five subjects for elgibility for the I. S. C. (XII) or H. S. C. Course which must include the Subject English. A pass grade in Socially - Useful Productive Work (Internal Assessment) is essential.