The Interact Club Report

The Interact Club of Greenlawns was a buzz of activity for the year 2017. We began by organising the very popular Inter-School Personality and Talent Contest, Allure 4, immaculately organised by the ex-Students of Greenlawns and the 9th Standard Students. It was a great success with fifteen schools and more taking part. The club’s Installation Ceremony which was the handing over of responsibilities to the next core team was handled by the moderator Ms. Vanessa D’Sa and the Interact Club Students.

The Students with the help of their club moderator, Ms. Vanessa D’Sa and Ms. Caroline Vaz organised a Cleanliness Drive as well as Sapling Plantation Drive for the project, ‘BEHTAR INDIA’. This project taught students to be aware about environmental issues and creating a better world. The Students took part in the ‘I CAN’ project conducted by Parle-G. They made video presentations on socially relevant issues like ‘Bullying’ ‘Empowerment of The Girl Child, ‘The Menace of Gaming’, ‘Clean Green India’ and many more. The Interact Students especially the team members, along with Rotaract Club of Bombay Hanging Gardens organised an Art Competition for Students from Standard 5 to Standard 8. We also donated funds to ‘ART for A Cause’ and ‘SOS VILLAGES’. These funds help to improve the lives of the underprivileged children. The Students were part of the Blood Donation Drive organised by the Rotary Club of Bombay Hanging Gardens. They also organised the Volley Ball competition for boys as well as girls under the able guidance of Sir Shekhar and Sir Yogesh, our Physical Education teachers, who also refereed these matches. The Students took part in Nukkad Stars, where they performed a Street Play on Swachh Bharat. This was an opportunity to showcase their acting talent as well as drive home the message that cleanliness is next to godliness. The Interact Club teaches children to face great challenges and provides them with opportunities for personal growth. Through all these activities and projects, children are taught to be sensitive to social and environmental issues, and that they themselves can be the change they want to see.

The objective of the Interact Club is to build young men and women of character, to develop leadership skills, promote international understanding and also encourage the spirit of service before self.

Creative Hands

A Club where children’s creativity is given wings to soar and spin spectacular things from waste materials. It is a unique platform where children get to participate in activities which enhances their creative skills.

Ms. Shreya, Nisha
Yolanda, Farhanaaz


This Club included the girls of Stds. VI & VII. In this Club students learned how to serve, throw as well as catch the ball. It gave them a lot of physical exercise & helped them to remain fit. It helped them to develop unity & team spirit. Rather than playing individually girls played as a team. It taught the students to play not only for their team but also represent their school.

Teacher in-charge
Ms. Rakhee Naik

Vegetable Carving Club
"Creativity is piercing the mundane to fund the marvellous"

Decorating colourful fruits and vegetables through artistic carving creates such marvellous effects that it pleases not only the eyes but also the appetite. With this objective the students of Vegetable Carving Club learned to carve different types of attractive flowers from fruits and vegetables by creating a lantern or a boy out of a watermelon, or learning to make different salad dressings. Vegetable Carving Club stirred the imagination of the students to see beyond the mundane. Hence, our Students like skilled sculptors learned to chisel fruits and vegetables confidently by the end of the year creating their own ideas independently. Vegetable Carving Club members believe in the saying, "I was created to create."


Mathematics Club
Various activities, videos quizzes are organised within the Club to inculcate mathematical knowledge within the children and make them excel in the subject. Children from Stds. 5 to 9 emerge confident at the end of the year to tackle and understand numbers.

A Club which trains young minds to get rid of "The fear of numbers"<.br />
Teacher in-charge
Sanjay Roy, Vrushali Pisat

Hindi Reading Club
Children are taught the art of understanding and learning the language. Various story telling and magazine reading sessions along with oratory competitions were organised during the Club hours to help children imbibe the love for the national language.

Teacher in-charge
Sanjay Roy, Vrushali Pisat


The Mighty Pen Club
Handwriting is done with a writing instrument, such as a pen or pencil hence we call it the Mighty Pen Club. Our Club offers a variety of writing styles right from scratch such as bold, italics, cursive, bubble style etc. Children also learn decorative fonts, bodies and doodles for scrap books. Reflecting back to the ancient styles of writing, the children were taught script types & to make it interesting, an activity of “decoding detective” was introduced where children learned how to decode the symbols.

Ms. Asma, Ms. Fatema


Sudoku Club
In Sudoku Club the students learned how to solve Sudoku Puzzles with the guidance of their teachers. It helped them to think & plan logic based number placement. The object was to fill a 9 x 9 grid so that each column, each row gets digits 1 to 9.

Ms. Geeta Trasy
Ms. Myra


Heritage Club Report
There are ten clubs in Greenlawns High School but for me the most important club is the Heritage Club. All Clubs teach us something but the Heritage Club teaches us to respect and preserve our heritage. Now that we are at the end of our academic year, we are sad as we will miss our Heritage Club. We did a lot of activities in this club. The first thing we made was a colourful stone, then we made an amazing guitar from a shoe box. We played several adventurous games and had a lot of fun.

Ms. Amina


Yoga Club
Yoga is something that boosts our immune systems and helps us to tackle diseases in our daily life. Understanding the importance of yoga, Greenlawns High School has started a club known as the Yoga Club which was conducted by Mrs. Amrita, After a tiring weekend, yoga asanas heal our body and increase our concentration power. Mrs. Amrita showed us different types of asanas which made us fit and healthy. We really enjoyed our Yoga Club. I hope that the Yoga Club continues and benefits more students. Afterall, it’s truly said that "Health is Wealth".