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GOLD MEDAL in Rhythmic Gymnastic State Championship - GROUP COMPETITION held by Maharashtra State in Amravati.
GOLD MEDAL in Rhythmic Gymnastic State Championship - GROUP COMPETITION held by Mumbai City District at Wadala.

GOLD MEDAL in Rhythmic Gymnastic State Championship - INDIVIDUAL ROPE COMPETITION held by Mumbai City District at Wadala.

Radha Sajanikar, a student of class eight had appeared for her fifth grade piano exam in June 2017. The examiner was associated with Trinity College of London (TCL) and came from London to test the musical ability of the candidates. There are eight grades, and Radha appeared for the fifth grade exam. There are three pieces one has to play along with technical work like playing scales and arpeggios. There is an aural test in which the examiner plays a short unknown piece and asks questions on that. The examiner also asks questions on the pieces that one has played. The fifth grade exam is not an easy one and one needs perfection in the pieces, which her teacher helped her with. The results came out recently and she secured 94% and passed her exam with distinction. When the overall results arrived from Trinity College of London, Radha had ranked third from the whole of Mumbai city! The Trinity College of London gives the overall marks from all the exams of all the instruments such as piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, vocals, saxophone, drums, oboe, flute, etc. There is no age limit and people of all ages can take part in the exam. Ranking third out of more than 450 candidates from Mumbai, anongst the adults and children, who appeared for the 5th Grade exam, is a great achievement. She was able to do this only because of her teacher, Miss Lystra Murzello, and the great support of her parents and grandparents.

Maars Play2learn Carnival

We are happy and proud to announce that one of our students of class 1, Bhavika Bhandari, has secured 4th rank at the all India level in Maars Play2learn carnival competition. The competition involved testing students across various parameters and included tests ranging from extempore, colouring, activities, English tests and so on. The four stage contest was conducted across at varied levels; at school, inter-school, prelims and the final level was the National level. The final round was held at Pawar Public School, Kandiwali (w), Mumbai where Bhavika secured 4th rank in a pool of more than fifty participants from all over India.

LogIQ ids

LogIQids, started by IIT-IIM graduates, is an innovative web-based learning tool, to develop Logical Reasoning in kids at a young age. In the Logical Reasoning Exam, Mahir Shah of class I has secured the first rank at school level and the 5th rank at the all India level.