"Therapy! Counselling! Huh! That's not for me... It's for the crazy lot with serious mental health issues. How can talking to an 'outsider' about my problems help? And moreover, once I start going to therapy I'll have to go forever!"

"Oh God!! I feel immersed neck-deep in this pool of stress.... This workload, disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, pending bill payments, stagnant job, constant arguments..... Arghhhh! I'm done with all this. I need a quick fix. I can't handle this anymore"

These monologues, are some of the most common self-talks of individuals undergoing psychological turmoil. The first monologue represents the therapy-aversive lot, while the second the therapy-over dependent!

Before, you start going to therapy, you must draw a line between what therapy is, and what it is NOT.

While inhaling the 'physique' domain, a professional trainer creates an effective training program to get your body in shape. It’s designed 'just for you'. Your trainer teaches you proper form for each exercise to optimize results and also avoid injury during one-on-one sessions. They make it clear that change comes from routine daily effort; you have to work out, rest, and eat right every day to get in good physical shape, in addition to going to personal training sessions. The time you spend with a personal trainer is not the cure, it’s the combined effort of those sessions plus the work you do outside of sessions which get results.

In the 'psyche' domain, a professional therapist works in a similar way. They create an effective training program for your mind that is designed just for YOU, with YOUR specific goals in mind. They give you a safe space, to express freely. Your therapist spends time in session to identify the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that shape your life. They’ll listen for patterns to figure out what’s working, what’s not, and come up with a plan that will help you make positive changes. After all, it's not a one-shoe-fits-all-strategy. You’ll learn valuable insights about how YOUR mind works in session and also gain skills that will help you make it work better. Your therapist makes it clear that change comes not just from going to therapy, but also from spending time practicing the skills that you learn during session, in your everyday life situations. You’ll leave therapy when you’re in a positive state of mind, with the tools to manage negative feelings when they crop up and to make positive changes effectively and safely.


Yes, therapy is no magic. There are no instant solutions, there is no short cut, there is no advice giving. But, there IS a magic wand, and that is YOU!

A journey, is what you must undertake. A journey of self-exploration. The therapist will facilitate and hand-hold, while you try to find your ground. The therapist will help you, help yourself!

So, if you're a damsel in distress, then you very well be your own Knight in Shining Armour, wearing the cape of therapy!

Ms. Snehal Parwal
School Counseller