Greenlawns School, Worli is a non-denominational, co-educational school founded in 1959. It is a minority, unaided institute. The School is affiliated to the Indian Certificate of School Examination Board based in New Delhi
Upholding the Mission Statement ‘Creating an institutional culture of value-based growth and excellence’, the aim of the school is to train children to lead full and useful lives, through liberal and holistic education through a broad curriculum. Today Greenlawns School, Worli stands equipped with classrooms with modern teaching equipment, well qualified teachers and is located in one of the most prime locations in Mumbai. The school has a cheerful and healthy atmosphere.
Its curriculum is up to date and is designed as a preparation for the ‘Indian Certificate of Secondary Education’ (I.C.S.E.) Examinations conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. These examinations are administered annually, in the tenth year of the students’ high school tenure.
The School was recognized by the Department of Education, Maharashtra Government in 1983-84.
The School has a computer room, a well-equipped science laboratory and a library for both, reference and reading. Further improvement is still in progress to ensure its completed efficiency

The School has three sections:
  • The Pre-Primary which has the Playgroup, the Nursery, the Preparatory and the Kindergarten with one section of each class. Each class has two teachers and a maid assigned to it. The timing for this section is from 8.00 am to 11.00 am. The lessons are planned on the basis of Multiple Intelligences. Field trips are arranged periodically, creativity is encouraged and “hands-on” teaching and learning is the methodology applied. The uniform worn by the children in this section is different from the one worn by children in the Primary and Secondary sections of the School.
  • The Primary section covers Standard 1 to Standard 4. This Section marks a transition between the Pre-Primary years and the Secondary School. The children in this section do not give formal examinations. Periodic assessments are conducted to ensure that comprehensive learning has taken place.
  • The Secondary Section is made up of classes from Standard 5 to Standard 10. This section has Heads of Departments for the different subjects who plan the syllabus with the teachers and monitor the work being done. The Heads further coordinate and report to the Principal regarding the same.
Every child of the School participates in the Annual Concert promoting their skills and enhancing their self-confidence.
Motor development is promoted through various activities including football conducted during the Physical Training periods at the Adarsh Nagar Ground. A special coach is appointed to train the children. The Sports Day is conducted annually.
The extra-curricular activities conducted at present which are held every Friday during the club time are Dramatics, Elocution, Music, Dance, Handicraft, Art, Craft, Chess, Sudoku, Creative Writing and Life skills. The Interact club conducts socially relevant activities.
More than 20 competitions are held annually between the houses and certificates are awarded to the winners. A record is maintained of the scores achieved by each House and the House with the highest score at the end of the academic year is declared the winning House. Students, too, maintain an individual record of the activities that they have participated in and the scores achieved. The student with the highest score gets the trophy for maximum participation in co-curricular activities.
Project trips are held annually to provide with hands-on learning opportunities in the real world.
The children are also encouraged to actively participate in inter school competitions for which they toil very hard and bring laurels to themselves as well as the school.

The strength of the school for the academic year 2018-19 sums up to about 370 pupils. There are 14 classes ranging from Playgroup up to Standard X. Being a one section school it is a cohesive and well-knit unit where each teacher practically knows every child. The number of children averages to about 30 per class.
The school has English as its medium of instruction as well as the first language taught academically. Hindi is taught as the Second language and the child learns Marathi as the Third Language which is taught upto Standard VIII. Environmental Studies is taught to Standard I and Standard II. Standard III and Standard IV have Social Studies and Science. The Project Method of teaching is used while imparting information on the subjects History, Geography and Science. Art, Craft, Physical Training, Value Education, Indian Dance and Indian Music are the other subjects included in the curriculum. Students of Std IX & X have to also undertake Socially Useful Productive Work (S.U.P.W.).
All candidates of standard X must appear for six subjects at the Board examination - namely English, a second language, History, Civics and Geography and two of the subjects from a choice of Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Commercial Studies and Environmental Studies as well as any one subject from among Art, Physical Education and Indian Dance.
In addition to passing a written examination, these subjects are also externally assessed. The candidates have to satisfactorily complete a course in Socially Useful Productive Work (S.U.P.W.) to acquire the I.C.S.E. certificate. We are proud to say that we have a cent percent result each year for the I.C.S.E. examination with the highest percentages achieved increasing each year. The students have done us proud.
Students doing exceptionally well in any of the subjects being taught are given certificates at the end of the academic year.
We have a special Award Ceremony on August 15 every year, after the Flag hoisting ceremony, for the students who take the ICSE Examination. The Chief Guests are the parents of the student who scores the highest percentage at the Board Examination that year. Prizes are given away in the following categories:
  1. The C.U.Shah Trophy awarded to the student securing the highest percentage at the ICSE examination.
  2. Mr.Lalit Gandhi Founder Trophy for the outstanding student of the year. 
  3.  Mrs. Minal Shah Gyan Karma Trophy for the student exhibiting strong values and social awareness.
Certificates are given to all the students who secure 90% or above in all or any of the six subjects.
Prizes are awarded to all the students securing 90% and above in three or more subjects.

Even though we are working towards preparing our children for the I.C.S.E. Examination, as a basis for a career or a profession, the aim of the School is not to just make our students academically proficient. The School has a broader aim which is to train children to lead full and useful lives through a liberal education and a broad curriculum. Specialization is avoided as far as possible until Std. IX. Emphasis is not laid merely on intellectual education but on all moral and social habits as well. Students are encouraged to whole heartedly participate in various activities, to broaden their interests and to provide an opportunity to discover and develop latent talents. Such activities are instrumental in moulding the child’s personality holistically.
We have a House System in which there are four House, i.e. the Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow House. Each house has its own motto –

 Blue House - Service Before Self
 Green House - Truth Prevails
 Red House - Knowledge Is Power
 Yellow House - Right Before Might
The Council Body consisting of the School Captains is elected by the students of the school. Each of the four Houses has a Captain and a Vice Captain. The Head Boy and the Head Girl are elected by the students of Standard 7 to Standard 10 while the Captains of the four Houses are elected by the students of Standard 6 to Standard 10 of their respective Houses. The students who want to offer their candidature for any of these posts have to fill in a nomination form which is scrutinized by the teachers and once accepted, the candidates have to get the form signed by their parents.
The Vice-captains and the two Sports Captains are nominated by the House Mistresses and Sports Teachers respectively. The Principal has no role in either the elections or the nominations of the prefects.
Utmost emphasis is laid on the need for discipline though no corporal punishment is allowed. It is the duty of the Council Body and the teachers in charge of discipline to ensure that the school rules and regulations are followed.
Aptitude Tests and talks on Career Choices are conducted in Std 8 to assist the children in making appropriate subject choices for the ICSE. The School has a qualified Counselor whom the children are free to consult about anything and to approach for guidance.
The school has a teaching staff of 30 teachers and a domestic staff of 10.
Cordial relations exist between the Trustees and School Academic administration helping maintain a happy, friendly and homely atmosphere congenial to the complete development of every child.
The school is considered to be the second home of a child. The success of this second home ‘Greenlawns School, Worli’ is a result of the joint efforts of the hard working and approachable staff and the enthusiastic and supportive parents which guarantees a happy and nurturing atmosphere conducive to learning and growth.

The School Song
We, the children of Greenlawns
Come to stand before you, Lord
To give us strength to do our best
In our studies and in our sports
We ask you Lord to give us courage
To be true in all our deeds
To obey our parents and teachers too
And great to be our school, Lord.

We pray Lord that we may know you
To enlighten our small minds
And to do good to brethren around us
To live as one big family
And with your love we can do wonders
To share with your love we can do wonders
To share with our fellow friends
If we share this love then we can all be
Proud of this our school.