Greenlawns School, Worli.

Republic Day

Date: 26-01-2024


Greenlawns High School, Warden Road

Fancy Dress Competition Preparatory

Date: 24-01-2024

Our school had organised fancy dress competition for a Preparatory children. The main objective of this competition was to develop cognizant skills and confidence in the students.". As our students step into characters from history, literature, and fantasy, the stage transforms into a kaleidoscope of storytelling. Our children turned our school into a magical place full of joy and imagination!"

Greenlawns High School, Warden Road

Sports Day ( Preparatory)

Date: 19-01-2024

Sports Day was a fun filled celebration for all Preprarory students as they participated in innovative sports that enhance the physical development and mental agility of children. Well-coordinated races help the children to sharpen their reasoning and problem solving skills and most importantly, children simply love games and sports. Sports Day was planned with a lot of care.

Race 1: 'Runing race where on the command, children ran, competing against each other towards the finishing line


Race2: 'Out in the'Sun’was equally engaging where the children picked up their water bottles , ran and wore their caps.Then they ran to finish the race.

The proud winners of the races were felicitated with medals .For little ones, it is important that they participate in Sports Day as they gradually get to understand that daily sports and games are a part of life. Children and teachers immensely enjoyed the Sports Day. The outcome was that they listened well and followed the instructions beautifully. This also helps in improving their movement and coordination skills. They learn to lead, follow and be part of a team.

Greenlawns School, Worli.


Date: 17-01-2024

The children of the Preprimary Section enjoyed Sankranti by making til laddoos and kites.

Greenlawns School, Worli.

Fun filled trip to Adi Shankaracharya Park

Date: 12-01-2024

Greenlawns School, Worli.

Fancy Dress Competition (Preparatory)

Date: 10-01-2024