Greenlawns High School, Warden Road


The cyber challenge club has been introduced with the aim of making computers fun activity and more interesting for students in this digital era.

Club Activities:

  • Animations using Scratch Programming
  • Making crosswords, puzzles using Ms Word
  • Fun activities using MSW Paint
  • Making presentations using Ms Powerpoint


  •  Ms Lata
  • Ms Manisha

Greenlawns High School, Warden Road


The Throwball club is organised for Girls. The importance of catching and throwing is important as these actions require proper coordination and strength by the multiple body segments to produce the skill. We teach them rules of the games and how we can improve the skills by means of this particular sport. We also teach them fun and easy ways of incorporating  these skills of catching, throwing ball into their day to day life. Girls will develop improved hand-eye coordination through this.

Greenlawns High School, Warden Road


Calligraphy is an art form which teaches us to enhance the meaning of the written word by infusing beauty, texture and style along with mere words on paper. It is meditative. It builds creativity and fosters patience and improves handwriting in general. Student learn different styles of fonts, patterns, styles of writing and lettering along with combinations of inks, paints and pens. They also to write in symbolic form; reliving the ancient forms of writing. They made bookmarks of their names written in Egyptian symbols. They also created their own fonts and own styles of writing. 

Teachers in charge 

Ms. Fatema Kapadia

Ms. Vrushali Pisat

Ms. Myra Rose

Greenlawns High School, Warden Road


The Hindi club has been introduced with the aim of making Hindi language more interesting for students. It endeavours to bring about a substantial change in oral communication skills among students.

Club Activities:

·       Reading (Stories, Newspapers etc.)

·       Debate

·       Elocution

·       Story writing

·       Story telling
All these activities help to develop confidence among students and prepare them for the future.





Greenlawns High School, Warden Road


The Creative Minds Club is a place where children develop their creative and artistic skills by indulging in interesting and easy art and craft techniques. We strive to engage students in hands on colourful art and craft activities which ensures that children grow a healthy interest in Art and Craft. We believe that creativity stimulates vigour and enthusiasm.This, in turn, will help advance their academic standing and simultaneously promote their overall welfare. A few activities that we conducted lasted year include doodle art, newspaper craft, funny blow art project, clay ganesha, positive notes art etc.

Teachers In charge - Mrs.Yolanda Creado, Mrs. Shreya Prabhudesai,  Mrs.Geeta Thakker and Mrs.Nisha Mascarenhas.


Greenlawns High School, Warden Road


"Art for a cause" is a club conducted by Mrs.Sushmita Salgaonkar and Mrs.Nivedita Wadkar .Many art and craft articles are made in this club.

At the Annual Art Exhibition,Few things are sold out and the proceeds are given for charity


Greenlawns School, Worli.

The Interact Club

The Interact Club Greenlawns School, Worli [ICGSW] was initiated on 28th August, 2017. The aims of the club were achieved by the students of Classes 7, 8 and 9 under the guidance of Ms. Reema Wagh, Sir Rajendra Madipelli and Ms. Sonali Bane. The teachers enthusiastically conducted the following activities during the academic year 2017-18:

  1. The students painted pots and designed jewellery boxes and diyas. These articles were sold at an Exhibition conducted by the members of ICGSW at the Open House.
  2. The students also designed logos and Greeting Cards. The students shouldered their responsibility towards society by enthusiastically designing ‘No Honking’ stickers.
  3. The members of the ICGSW actively participated in the ‘Walkathon’ conducted by the Rotary Club.
  4. The students also participated in the Interschool Competition, ‘We are the World’ conducted by the Rotaract Club of H. R. College (RCHR).
  5. The students actively participated in the Interschool Competition, ‘Word War I’ conducted by the Rotaract Club of Jai Hind College (RCJC).
  6. The ICGSW also conducted activities like Pramerica, Crossword, and Windmill for the students of our school.
  7. The ICGSW actively participated in the ‘Joy of Giving’ which encouraged the students to collect toys for the underprivileged children as well as collect newspapers for a social cause.

Ms. Reema Wagh

Ms. Sonali Bane

Sir. Rajendra Madipelli

Greenlawns School, Worli.

The Home Science Club

The Home Science Club carried out activities to help children deal with situations in their home environment. During the course of the year, the children were encouraged to participate in the various activities, some of them being:

  1. To prepare a floor plan of the ‘House of Your Dreams’
  2. To fold a napkin and use the napkin to set an elegant dinner table.
  3. To prepare a gift for your sibling on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.
  4. To make Christmas decorations for your home.
  5. Learning to mend small things at home. (school bag, earring, torn books etc.)

These activities were meant to make children more self-sufficient and independent by enabling children to take care of their daily needs without too much expenditure. The goal of the club was to bring children closer to the family by encouraging them to participate in household activities and not impose the entire onus of running a home onto their parents. The teachers hope that they have in their little way been able to bring some families closer due to these activities and the values inculcated by these activities, since family is the most important in the lives of little children.


Ms. Mariette Dias

Ms. Pradnya Parkar

Greenlawns School, Worli.

The Young Writers’ Club

The Young Writer’s Club is a creative club that helps the students to identify and enhance their innate qualities as authors or poets. The potentials of the students are enhanced and developed outside the four corners of the classroom. The teachers not only supervised activities but also guided the students according to their skills. The students worked productively in every field like writing poems, sharing their views on various social issues and writing about the importance of art. These articles eventually found their way to the club’s magazine tilted ‘KINDLE’, which was published twice in the year. The club received a good response and has the potential to achieve the goal of creating good writers, poets, artists, news reporters and spokespersons


Ms. Archana Ahire

Ms. Bipasha Kumar

Ms. Vandana Mishra

Greenlawns School, Worli.

The Cultural Club

The Cultural Club was established with an aim to focus on enhancing the knowledge of the students about the different cultures and traditions in the country. It was truly evident that there was a great potential for creative acumen amongst the students. The club conducted innovative activities on various religious and diverse cultural aspects of India as well as the lost freedom fighters of India. The teachers noticed that the students displayed their best efforts while discussing about the diverse cultural aspects of the country. Various festivals like Makarsankranti, Independence Day, Diwali and Christmas were celebrated by the students by displaying kites and colourful charts. The children dressed up in traditional clothes and brought festival sweets to give the occasion a religious touch. It also laid out a blueprint of the future prospects of the students’ budding talents. This achievement evidently and expectedly demonstrated that the Club could go wherever the visions and energies of its members could take it, especially towards the full spirit of celebration.

Ms. Arlene Bhoi

Ms. Rohini Kamble