Mr. Lalit Gandhi


Mr. Lalit Gandhi, a name that resonates with diligence and perseverance has been associated with the school since 1959. In his comprehensive study of Mumbai city, he displayed immense foresight, as he chose an ideal location for the school. It was under his guidance that Greenlawns School shifted from Anand Bhavan to its exotic present site, of Worli Seaface. The school has grown from strength to strength and stands tall, as one of the most sought after schools of India.

Mr. Lalit Gandhi is a Chartered Accountant by profession and venturing into this unknown field of Education required a lot of grit and prescience. His confidence, perception and the depth of understanding grew many folds as he succeeded in establishing two branches of the school in a very short span of time. In 1965 when Mrs. Daphne Clare Fraser Thomson decided to leave, Mr. Gandhi took over the reins of the school completely, as his relatives lent a helping hand, he made History as by 1966, two schools were functioning at two different places almost independently of each other.

It is through his sheer strength of will power, to tide over the odds and weather the storms, that he has succeeded in an unexplored territory. It is no mean feat. He has always gone that extra mile to raise the standard of education of both the schools, provide the best infrastructure and resources to witness both the schools blossoming and reaching the pinnacle of success.

Despite the success he enjoys, he is truly humble and down to earth. He is a very kind person. He has defined the character of Greenlawns School and this holy shrine of learning has prospered due to his scrupulousness. He inspires us and leads the way as his rich experience is like the bright sunshine in the darkest hours. He is the rock on whose strength we rely on and he stands by us like the rock of Gibraltar. We feel truly blessed and privileged to be guided by him.





Our articulate, eloquent, vibrant trustee

Mrs Minal has a way with words. Her expressions are passionate that resonate with her soul’s quest for perfection in every field. Her simplicity, humility and the irrevocable faith in the Divine Power lend a certain charm to her expressions. She has the depth of heart felt, stirring emotions that leave an indelible mark on the reader. She is an avid booklover who has kept pace with the evolving world through her travels in India and abroad. Her glimpses of Life and her sensitivity towards grave issues in our society make her rise above the rest. Here are two of her thought provoking poems:

Amidst the Havoc of COVID 19!
Dear family members
Hope you all are safe , secured and fine Spending time with who u believe are mine.
Make the utmost of this invaluable time Go deep and pray , u will hear God’s chime.
A very deep meaning lies in saying stay within So calm that one can hear the drop of a pin.
All the realms of the outer world have proved worthless Can any of them help us to get out of this mess???
So in these times of isolation remember all the wrongs done Erase them , apologise and make your slate a clean one.
Keeping safe distance is a precautionary measure For the spiritual aspirant , this is an all time treasure
Let us sanitise/ cleanse our soul, this is the right opportunity Let this lesson, this experience be an eye opener for all fraternity.
A new beginning, a new era, a new self and a new me Full of love, full of forgiveness, full of happiness and glee.
I came empty handed and shall surely go the same way , This reality has given me the right vision to be with all and yet stay away.
PhotoShoot 07APRIL2020
  • Shot by
  • Mrs Minal Shah

This beautiful, lively picture has been shot by Mrs Minal Shah on the night of 7th April, 2020; as they say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ It showcases her skill of photography too.
A breathtaking view !

PhotoShoot 07APRIL2020
  • Extraordinary night

On the extraordinary night of 7th April, 2020 was seen the SUPER MOON known as Super Pink Moon. This was the biggest full moon night of the year 2020.

PhotoShoot 07APRIL2020

The Big Super Moon!!
What a fantastic sight So delighted to see you so big, so near and so bright
Love the way you cast this sort of pristine white light
You make no distinctions and have shone to your fullest
May we also be full of universal love and live life at our best.
In these tough times you bring in a ray of hope and an unknown cheer
We look up to the skies and pray to make us brave enough to rid this fear.
Our Sadguru teaches us to gladly accept all that comes our way
After all whether Karma or Corona it has to go one day

Besides being our trustee now, he is an ex-student of our school, who is a scholar in his own right. He is also a keen observer, who has sincerely nurtured our school and has seen it blossom into the most sought after, amongst the few elite schools of Mumbai. He has immensely contributed to its up gradation. He has been a visionary who has covered those many, many miles to achieve the success that has our school reaping its fruits of glory and fame.

He believes in Benjamin Franklin’s famous adage, ‘An Investment in knowledge pays the Best Interest’ as he is always defining new goals and parameters for our school to achieve, as he does not believe in resting on the past laurels.

He is a man of a few words, who believes that actions speak louder than words. He has encouraged us to undertake new endeavors lending his full support to the many ventures we have begun this year, including online teaching and the Fun Fair. He has left no stone unturned in his relentless efforts to enhance the teaching learning experiences of our students. He has also channelized his resources in the improvement of the school building, both internally and externally which is a feat. He has the ‘Gift of the Gab’ as he is a very good orator, who completes any assignment given to him with élan. He works round the clock with clockwork precision. His Public Relations, contacts and networking skills are notches higher than any other as the humble person that he is, makes him more approachable and humane in his dealings.

He has followed his father’s footsteps Mr Lalit Gandhi, the founder of our school who has always focussed on enriching both, the academic and the social welfare of the students. This has led to a complete holistic development of our children. He shares the strong belief of Nelson Mandela who had said, ‘Education is the Most Powerful Weapon we can use to Change the World’, as our school reaches the higher pinnacle of success, it is his constant endeavour to better every step of the way for the students as well as the staff as he continues to be our ‘Knight in the Shining Armour’.

----Miss Caroline Vaz




Our Zestful Trustee

Our vision is to ‘educate, enlighten and empower’. As we complete 60 years of yeomen service, what comes to my mind as a person from the management is that ,’ Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those, who don’t rest on the laurels of the past’.

Education is incomplete unless it builds the character and behaviour of a child. We at Greenlawns School, Worli initiate some practices among students to sow seeds of love, respect and moral values. Today, the whole world has been captivated by technology, where gadgets and gizmos have taken the entire world by storm. Relationship between people have been threatened as people living under one roof text each other. We give our children an all round value based education keeping in mind the importance of Emotional Quotient. To us every child is a gift from God and we value and treat each child with tender loving care.

He is one of the few gentlemen you come across, who is a man of his word. He has achieved many milestones in life. Despite being a successful entrepreneur, he is very down to earth and humble and that truly is a rare trait. He is very well travelled and this rich experience makes him quite resourceful. He is the person working silently behind the scenes to encourage and motivate us in all our endeavors. He has a good sense of humour and intellect to deal with any situation effectively. The unique warmth and cordial nature with his earnestness to lend you a helping hand when ever you need it makes him thoughtful and gracious. He is a keen observer and notices every little detail which makes him novel in his ways. He is very open-minded, amicable, kind and good natured who believes that ‘Silence is Golden’ as he persuades us in his subtle ways to take up new challenges and supports us wholeheartedly. His philosophy of life revolves around the old adage,’ A River Cuts through a Rock not because of its power, but its PERSISTENCE’, so perseverance is what we must imbibe as giving up means failure. He has always believed that in the journey of life, success in any field is when you avoid the elevator and take the stairs as there is no short cut to success.

He has proven the old saying that one must, ‘Work Hard in Silence and Let your success be the NOISE.’

Running a successful school is not a child’s play, it involves acumen and a sharp wit to tackle the unpredictable scenario of the teaching/ learning process and the gamut of rules and laws of the government, this has been successfully done by him since decades. Instilling values to safeguard the moral fabric of our nation has been one of his main objectives. Indeed, we are very fortunate to have him as our trustee and we hope that he continues to shower us with his love and blessings.

Mr Rohit Shah

Mr Rohit Shah